Friday, April 25, 2008

Cobwebs In The Mind!

When it comes to success are you carrying around a memory bank full of cluttered cobwebs? Are you more afraid of success than you are failure? I use to be like that. I was always afraid that success would change me. I liked myself and didn't want to change so I stayed clear of getting too much and of wanting those things that would signal that I had arrived. I also didn't want the responsibility that came with success. I felt content to stay hidden in my little world of seclusion with no demands and no obligations. Little did I know that my thinking was cluttered with old cobwebs that blocked a clear vision of what success really meant. Eventually, I would come to discover that failure was much more of a greater price to pay than success was when it came to living a life of freedom. I also learned that when you fail you have no one to blame but yourself and when you succeed you have many, besides yourself, to thank. Success is a mindset that requires of one a certain responsibility to a better way of thinking. But in order to get to that place of thought, you must go into the dark recesses of the mind that has held the belief that being prosperous and wealthy is somehow a negative and do some spring cleaning so that you will have the vision to see and believe that success is a great thing and that it can be yours, if you allow it!

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