Monday, June 2, 2008

The Buzz!

The internet is a great big buzz of distraction and opportunity! It can turn into one distraction after the other if you are not focused on what it is you are in search of. I personally believe that the online money-making marketing business is so successful because there are thousands, millions of people who buy this ebook for its secrets to success, invest in that opportunity, try this scheme for generating more money only to find that it requires work, it's a scam, or the most recent opportunity that they have landed on is the one. Every other site becomes the One, a distraction for the person who needs to be focused but a vast clusterphere of all kinds of information to newbies and seekers, claiming that the buck stops here. I suppose that ultimately it all works out if you are intent upon succeeding in whatever it is you are in search of whether it be online dating, trading, network marketing, or even blogging.

The world is a huge, gigantic place and the advent of the internet and the capability of what this technological system can do is too large of a phenomenon for me to totally comprehend. In fact, when I try to I'm left feeling a bit buzzed from all of the constant chatter. But I must admit, that buzz is associated with a good feeling that all good things are possible within this online world of communicating and I'm proud to be apart of it in this place and time.

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