Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to Make Every Man Want You Rather Than Need You

Getting a man, or any man, to want you rather than need you will require you to think and act outside of the box. Women almost instinctively adopt the role of caretaker in areas of relationships while men will accept the role of protector and provider.

Without question women and men dramatize these roles in their private lives between one another due to conditioning through posturing. Women swoop in for the emotional rescue and men level the landing by exercising power and control.

I suppose these kinds of relationships work for less than half of all marriages and relationships, or do they? When is it ever a good thing for your man, or woman, to be solely dependent on you for emotional support? I think never.

People are born needing to pursue their own personal power and emotional stability but when you hand that power over to another you are left feeling less than yourself and sometimes neediness will move in to take its place. You become the need and not the want because you have already put yourself in a place of lack.

So now that you have some understanding of need verses want, what kind of man do you want to attract? Or should I ask what kind of guy do you think you need? You are the only one who gets to decide, so before you go out looking for that great guy be clear on what it is you desire.

You’ve heard the saying that like attracts like and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to the commonality between couples. Both partners either feed off one another’s fears or one another’s hopes. If you want to make everyman want you rather than need you, you must first be in a state of want and not one of need.

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