Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who Cares If Your're Gay

I'm meeting people on a consistent bases who could care less about someone else's sexuality or preference. Many people, particularly the younger generation find the entire episode a waste of time. They can't understand why anybody would want to stop two consenting adults from loving one another.

I think that the younger generation has a certain mindset about freedom and hope that maybe you and I of the older generation never had. We were raised with a rigid concept of right and wrong, and a sexuality that only made sense between a woman and a man.

But thank God for these young people. They continually challenge me day in and day out about their relaxed attitudes surrounding people's sexuality. Where my generation has been judgmental and self righteous, these young people have been open and understanding.

I truly believe that the day is near when two people of the same sex will have the freedom to love, honor, and cherish in a world that is more accepting of them and a world that wants to see their love blossom than a world living in denial of love.

I'm learning that love denied for a few is loved denied for us all. Slavery should have taught us those things. But lessons are sometimes learned slowly rather than immediately. Thank God for the gay people and for those who are here to have us face ourselves and our own prejudices.

The freedom granted to one person shouldn't be withheld from another. I think people are waking up to this truth and it's really about that time

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