Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Many of Your Wounds are Self Inflicted

First, let’s acknowledge that most people will experience emotional pain and abuse well before they become adults. Unfortunately, violence, pain, and shame, walks alongside children and teens long before love ever has the chance to become a dominant factor.

How is it possible that in the land of the brave and free are people raised to devalue, discredit, and dislike themselves? How is it even possible that a person could learn the magnitude of hope while living a life of despair? Are the wounds much too deep and far too pervasive to turn back to what could have been … should have been …might have become?

At some point the game stops somewhere. The psychological abuse endured by the words of your religion … the physical battering at the hands of your parents … the degradation of your self by a society that is holding onto tradition and ignorance at the perils of freedom stops with you, right now!

Is it not enough that as an innocent individual you were forced into a world reality where evil rules? And to add insult to injury you were encouraged to believe that you were born evil by birth. So many lies … So much abuse. Where will it end? And who will take a stand for happiness and peace if you don’t start standing?

The time has come for you to protect you, love you, and to believe that your life is as precious as the next persons. No longer do you have to continue to give allegiance to unhealed wounds that have marked your life with struggle and depression. If you don’t stop the emotional hemorrhaging caused by the hurt inflicted upon you by someone else … then you risk piling more emotional baggage onto an already heavy heart and troubled mind.

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