Monday, October 12, 2009

Is There A Cheating Gene

Just finished watching the Tyra Banks show. The topic was on cheating and if there was such a thing as a cheating gene. Evidently some scientist have discovered in male animals that cheating could be in the genes. Without getting into a huge debate on whether or not cheating is innate or learned, suffice it to say that it, like many other bad habits that we as humans adopt, can be controlled. The men and women who are busy doing the cheating and crying about it being in their genes are some of the same people who refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior. I suppose it's easier on the psyche to claim oneself a victim instead of recognizing that you're the one doing the victimizing.

There is a common theme not just with the guests on the Tyra show but with others in general when it comes to cheating. Past abuse and environmental conditions are two motivating factors when people cite the reasons why they continue to practice this dangerous behavior. Instead of looking for excuses to mask weaknesses, those who are suffering from this "cheating gene" should look to their past environment i.e., parents, peers, social surroundings, etc... And please get professional help!

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