Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fear Or Love - What Rules You?

There are really only two emotions-fear and love-and all other emotions stem from these two. With what's going on in the world today, wars, rumors of wars, economic downturns, starvation, the housing collapse and on and on, one could easily become frightened if one is trying to take the outside picture and put it on the inside.

If, however, you decide to live from the inside out, you realize that these things that are happening in our economy and in our world are not to be responded to with fear. You realize that love is the dominant force in the universe. You also realize that there is no switch that turns on the darkness; there is only a switch to turn on the light. Darkness is simply the absence of light.

However complicated you want to get with your own emotions is fine, but boil it down to one of these two emotions and you can begin to get a handle on your own life. Sure, you can't change the housing marketing, or affect Wall Street, but when you tap into your Source, these things don't bother you. You soon realize that these are things that are in constant flux all the time anyway and if one were to gage their life by them they would surely be in a state of constant fear.

Learn to connect with your Source; learn to get in touch with what rules the Universe and the creation of worlds: LOVE. It may sound trite but it's true. Look at nature. The animals and the abundant life on, this, our earth could care less if the stock market crashes. The money that is represented by these transactions doesn't exist anyway. They are just numbers on a screen or on a page. There really is no such thing as money. It's just paper that can be burned. In the United States we were taken off the gold standard years ago, so the money that is printed is only symbolic of a rate of EXCHANGE that we all agree upon.

There's no need to get heated up about something that can be burned. Anything that can be affected like this has no real lasting value. It is not that which is seen that is real and has value, but that which is unseen that is real and has value.

What has value is what is inside of you. What values do you carry, what dreams to you hold, whom to you love, where is your worth placed? Do you love yourself? Do you understand that the Source of all things lives within you and that once you connect with that Source consciously you need never fear again?

Paul, George, John and Ringo had it right: All you need is love. Let go of the fear and embrace yourself. You are worth loving; you are worth embracing; you are a divine child of the universe and the energy that creates worlds flows through your being. Let go and let it flow!

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