Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why Should I Care About You?

Why should I care about you when you don't help me cook, help me take out the trash, help me clean the house, or even clean up after your own mess. You don't have a job nor do you go out looking for one. Instead, you lay around all day long, walking back and forth from room to room, looking out that window and then looking out this window. At times I think that you are more interested in what's going on outside of our house than what's happening within. And when I want to play with you, you show me attitude, but when you want to play with me, you expect all of my attention. Why do I keep you around? Why can't you clean up your own shit? Take a real bath sometime? Stop leaving your hair on my pillows? And you refuse to take care of our couches...

Sorry, gotta go now, will write more later... my cat just woke up and is starring me down cause she wants some love!

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