Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fast and Easy Way to Flirt with Smart and Good Looking Guys

This is one of the secrets that I practice whenever I am lonely and want the company of a smart and good looking guy to flirt with for a couple of hours. I’m sure that other women practice this same technique and many probably already do it without knowing that they are doing something so simple and yet effective.

Many single women will go for months without the company of a guy who will pay them some attention. And not just some guy but an attractive and smart guy who will most likely flirt back with them if they would do this one thing after their first meeting.

This opportunity that you will create is just a time for you to be in the company of the man of your choice. It’s a time for you to connect on an emotional, psychological, or spiritual level because you will find that your man is skilled in the art of communication.

Where can you find these men? They’re in the restaurants down the street, at the bar in the sushi place, serving the spirits during happy hour across this country. They are the men who greet every customer that sits at their bar with a square napkin, a smile, biceps, and an encyclopedia of knowledge.

And most importantly, you are free to talk to them without any pressure on your part. You’re safe to come and go as you like and there are already boundaries in place establishing some level of safety. You can go with a girlfriend or go alone. I would recommend that if you drink, have no more than one or two alcoholic beverages so that you remain in control and aware of your surroundings.

It also may be necessary for you to first scope out the man that you will be flirting with for the night. Some bartenders are good at their job and some are great. You will be in search of the great bartenders; those who know how to welcome a client or customer by saying all the right things and doing all the things that a service industry person needs to do for you to want to return.

Start by scoping out the bartender of your choice. Watch how he treats the other customers and listen to how he speaks and to the words coming out of his mouth. Make eye contact. Then ask yourself if he is someone you would like to spend a couple of hours a week flirting with or just talking to and if you’ve answered yes, then you’ve got your guy.

However, if you want him to keep playing the game the way you like it, don’t forget to tip him big, really big. And you’ll notice that every time you do return for his shift, which is hopefully during his slowest days or nights, he’ll be more than happy to see you and to continue the conversations, the smiles, and the flirting.

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