Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love is Free

Love is free and if anybody tells you otherwise then they've never been truly loved. It may be hard to believe that in our society at this time in our evolution that love could really be free but I assure you that it is, at least for many individuals.

If you are having to pay a price or you are bargaining off your love for a college education or a nicer lifestyle, then it's not really love. Your love can't be taken back, traded, thrown away or forgotten.

It's not something that you fight over in the courts or steal from another. Love just is ... It blows by like the wind, sometimes settling for a moment and then it's off again to someplace else.

The problem is with us not willing to let it pass on by, letting it run its course but instead wanting to control the outcome. And when we can't we cry about wanting something back as if it was sufficient enough to the love experienced.

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