Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 Things That You Must Do Now If You Want to Save Your Relationship

Just to confirm that you and I are on the same page about wanting to save your relationship, allow me to ask you some pertinent questions just to be sure that those 5 things to saving your relationship is in your best interest.

• Does your partner respect you
• Does your partner love the real you
• Is your partner a compassionate human being
• Is your partner self-aware
• Is your partner emotionally healthy
• Is your partner willing to do therapy or counseling
• Is your partner mentally competent
• Are you willing to change knowing that your relationship will be altered
• Are you emotionally healthy
• Are you self-aware
• Are you mentally competent and able to endure his or her honesty
• Is saving your relationship what you want or need

If you are continuing to read this article that means that you are clear about your intentions to save your relationship. My thoughts and wishes are with you during this time of challenge and I know that you will not only endure but will rise above the things and sometimes the people that seem to cause a divide between you and the one you love.

So, let’s get to working on those things that will close the gap between you and your husband, wife, or lifetime companion. After all, loving is not the hard part, it’s weeding out the crap that gets in the way that proves to be the fight of all fights. And although I’m giving you 5 things that you can do right now to save your relationship, in reality there are hundreds of thousands of other ways to show the person you love that you care.

1. Be honest (if you can’t do this you don’t stand a chance)
2. Be sincere
3. Be you (if you don’t know who that is neither do they)
4. Let go (it’s important to let your love go free and if she or he returns then it’s to be)
5. Change (by far, this is the most difficult because we can be creatures of habit and without an inner change, there can be no outer change)

My suggestion is that you start with these 5 things and if your relationship is worth saving then you both will contribute the effort involved in saving a love that passes the test of time and life drama.

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