Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Your Mate is a Cheater - Part Four

If you are dating or are married to a man or woman who is a cheater than chances are your partner has several of many issues. We discussed some of them in articles part one, two, and three about why your mate cheats. In this article we will talk about why emotional immaturity is an additional handicap for a cheater.

We all know people who struggle to fit in with others. And we know people who are awkward at times when it comes to expressing themselves. And then there is the guy or girl we know who has no sense of self and is consistently making bad choices that impact them negatively.

These people will date someone they hardly know, divulge their life history to a complete stranger, engage in unsafe sex with a stranger, have an affair with a married person, commit infidelity, and cheat over and over again on their spouse or partner regardless of the consequences.

An emotionally immature person is not sure of much of anything primarily because their emotional development has been thwarted from an early stage of life due to emotional and or physical trauma. Their actions and reactions will continue to be sporadic, spontaneous, and without much thought for others or consequences to their actions.

If you are dating someone who is emotionally immature and they are cheating on you don't be fooled into believing that just your love is the answer to their problems of infidelity. Cheating develops from an inner insecurity that either builds or decreases with time. If it grows, then a release of some kind is needed and each individual will choose their source of release through food, sex, cheating, money, anxiety, or a host of addictions.

Emotional immaturity is just one of many reasons people are unfaithful in their relationships. Getting to that place of insecurity may not have been their fault but getting to where they want to be is entirely up to them now.

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