Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Your Mate is a Cheater - Part Six

So far we have discussed five other reasons why it is your mate is a cheater. Your mate suffers from some character flaws much like all of us but everyone will not choose to commit infidelity or cheat on a partner as a form of escapism.

Lack of integrity, low self-esteem, emotional immaturity, no or very little self awareness, and selfishness ranked high on the list of possible reasons why your mate is a cheater. Usually they are lacking in more than one area and the effects of their dis- ease (cheating, drinking, gambling, etc...) are just a symptom of the root cause.

The next reason we will explore to better understand why it is your husband or wife is a cheater is something most people struggle with on one occasion or another. And that something is laziness. It seems that as humans we have a natural disposition to be slow rather than fast.

So what does this have to do with cheating and relationships? Well, consider for a moment the marriage that is going through some challenging times and the spouse who decides that he or she is not willing to do the work that is necessary to turn around what has become an unhappy marriage. Not only are they just not up for the work involved with helping what is quickly becoming a failed marriage but they will instead focus their energies on things that don't add up to a hill of beans.

If you want to be lazy on a Sunday and do nothing but watch movies or sports, then do that. If you want to practice laziness while your wife is begging you for some kind of communication, then that is not the time. Your relationship to your spouse, your children, and family is an interactive experience and not a lifestyle that is simply viewed as a passive on looker.

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