Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are You a Victim of Love

“Victim of love I see you’re broken hearted … I could be wrong but I’m not.” I sang those very words along with Don Henley, while strolling the streets of Dinky town in Minneapolis during the early nineties. It wasn’t that I was a victim of love at the time I just loved Don Henley and the Eagles.

There was also another tune on the same album titled, Wasted Time. I equally sang this song with as much fervor and delight. “Well baaaaaby… there you stand, with your little head down in your hands… In order to keep it together, you got to leave it alone. I could have done so many things baby if I could only stop my mind, from wondering what I’ve left behind and from worrying about this wasted time.”

There is something so raw and real about the spaces between experience and pain, love and lost. Music easily conjures up past events, past lives, and past lovers. And like the music that still plays decades later, so too do the memories. I’m convinced that life, love, and music are in collaboration to make us all victims of love.

Life, for me, is essentially about relationships; Relationships to the planet, nature, and other people. And within this space of what is called time, there is constant change. There is birth, learning, growth, death, and transformation. But within the scope of ones life, these experiences will be repeated more than once. Not only will you be born physically into this world, you will also experience the reality of love, which is another type of birth.

I have died so many times in my life. And it is usually after my death that I am transformed or born into a greater, wider dimension. I say greater because I see everyone and every experience as an opportunity for learning and growth. This life, my life, is a course on Love. And all lessons, i.e. experiences, are my teachers.

If being a victim of love means that I am focused on the love that surrounds me … intend to stay within the mindset of love … and not allow any experience to divert me from the path of love, then indeed, I plead guilty.

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