Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Bad Do You Want That Engagement Ring

Are you looking to get married? Do you want to have that ring around your finger so bad that you can’t stand having to go through the process of dating losers to find your prince charming? If you can taste marriage like you can your bad breathe in the mornings then you’re not alone.

Women and men date, hook up, have multiple relationships all with the intentions of finding that special person, or soul mate to share the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, for women in particular, not everyone is looking for the same ending in a relationship. Some men are using the game of dating to find the right one as an opportunity to deceive and con gullible women.

Dating has become a platform for unscrupulous individuals to use commitment, marriage, and someone else’s hopes of finding true love as a playground for their own intentions, which almost always run counter to truth and integrity.

Some women believe that the men you meet in church are safer than men met elsewhere. Churches, just like the work place, the supermarkets, the clubs, the local library, or any other public meeting place is open ground for an individual to plan out his strategy of deception.

There are very few women I know who don’t want a ring. The majority of women I know do. They see getting married and finding the right man to raise a family with as a bonus to an otherwise ordinary life that would be spent alone. And many of these women admit to settling due to time restraints or impatience.

Unfortunately, the women who can’t wait to get that engagement ring around their fingers are headed fast in the wrong direction. They see, or should I say, you see only what you want to see. He seems decent enough, looks decent enough, behaves decently in public, and by all accounts may be a decent enough husband and father to your children.

However, when you have two people with two different agendas where love takes a back seat to ones own personal or professional aspirations, then the risk to a happily ever after love story becomes something not planned, expected, or dreamt.

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