Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Love an Angry Woman

Loving a woman is a lot of things … but easy, it’s not. When a man decides that he is ready to love a woman, he has enlisted in the greatest challenge of his life; A challenge that comes before his work, his avocation, or even some secret preoccupation. This great adventure will require patience, understanding, endurance, and the willingness to participate and cooperate through learned communications skills, much like a successful football or basketball team.

If you are in a relationship with an angry woman, don’t even think of treading lightly. She will hear you even when you don’t speak. She will know your thoughts even if you don’t know them. She will hold you, love you, please you, accept you … and leave you should that time come.

To certain men, an angry woman is a headache. And a moody and menopausal woman requires too much giving, understanding, and patience on their part. They would rather feel justified in their whining than to look beneath the surface as to why the woman they claim to love is depressed one moment and anxiously joyful the next. These men shamelessly let the angry women pass in and out of their lives without any knowledge of ever really knowing them.

Fortunately, there are men who don’t judge a book by it s cover. They’re emotionally involved and aware of the woman they’re in a relationship with and are not looking for someone to emotionally rescue them. Angry women are not like angry men. You might endure some melodramatic episode of not being understood but rest assured … they won’t plot your death or those you love.

If you’re still wondering how it is you love an angry woman the answer is really quite simple. First, you forget everything you’ve ever read or seen or heard from your friends, parents, or media about what it is to be a woman or, what women want. As a woman, I can attest that part of the problem is not being recognized as an individual but rather as some stereotype.

Angry women are just individual people who are a bit more expressive of negative emotions than they are with feelings of love at the moment. Loving them is a matter of seeing them as the people … the women … they are and accepting the person who shows up on plate to bat. Maybe they won’t hit a home run but at least they will be swinging … and you can bet that they will be giving it their all.

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