Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who Do The Lonely Love

We live on a planet full of people. People who have different belief systems, religions, morals, ethics, devotions, visions, etc … It would seem that with the number of people inhabiting our planet almost everyone has someone that they can not only depend on but who they love and is loved in return.

This will probably come as a news flash to a lot of people but the fact is we live on a lonely planet. So many people are busy trying to get their external needs met at the expense of what truly matters that eventually they end up feeling lonely, isolated, and invisible.

When you think of the lonely you think of the homeless man or woman on the streets or the prostitute or drug addict who no longer has a family. Rarely do you consider that the lonely are the people you’re engaged with on a daily bases. It’s the guy who’s your boss. You know, the man who works seventy hours a week to make the big bucks so that he can impress his extended family.

Is it possible that to you, the lonely are those single and frumpy women who live alone in their flats with just a cat and possibly a goldfish? In fact, the lonely are more often than not those people you try very hard not to be. So you surround yourself with lots of “friends.” You date even when you don’t want to date. You have sex with strangers just so you don’t feel so alone.

Who do the lonely love? They love people like you and me. They are the people like you and me. It is mind boggling how so many people on such a small planet can feel so alone but many of them do. The need to love and be love is such a powerful force that no matter your race, status, class, gender, profession, or background, if you aren’t loved for the person you are, you’re bound to end up feeling lonely.

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