Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Get a Man to Marry You Within the First Year?

Does it feel as though love keeps by-passing you? Do you find yourself dating guy after guy with no one wanting to commit only to you? Do want children but not out of wedlock? Or are you just done with the business of living life solo? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than consider yourself fortunate to have found this page.

It’s been said that women know very soon if they are attracted to a guy and much sooner if they want to marry him. So really there is no reason why it should take two or three years to walk down the aisle. The fact is men ask women to marry them more than the reverse so you must discover some exceptional ways to bring this about sooner if that is what you desire. Getting a man to ask you won’t be as difficult as you might think once you apply what is advised below.

Start with your head by asking yourself this critical question. What is it that I want in a husband? Write down your answers as there will be many qualities and characteristics that will fancy you. Secondly, ask yourself: How do I plan to attract my husband? Again, write down your thoughts on this one. And when he comes into your life, if he isn’t there already, proceed with the lessons learned from the heart.

Unfortunately, finding real Love may be difficult for you because many of the experiences you have encountered over the years have left you battered and broken. You either don’t know how to trust your heart or you feel betrayed by it. But this doesn’t mean that you should close your heart as if it were your enemy. Your heart is where you encounter the deepest and truest language known to the human species. It truly is your lifeline and it deserves to be free to love. Ask your heart these seven questions and write down the answers as honestly as you can.

• What gives me real inner security?
• When I’m at peace how does that feel?
• Is my heart and head in balance?
• If my heart was a physical manifestation of God, how would I treat it?
• Why does my heart seem to need to love?
• Does the heart feel, or is the feeling, the heart?
• If my heart had no limits what would its expression look like?

So there you have the ingredients to getting what you want in a relationship. You see, in order to get what you want you must first be what you want. If you don’t have a loving and kind and respectful relationship with yourself than you will only attract what you do have. At the end of the day it’s not mom or dads fault anymore because you are an adult now. You make your own decisions now and if you want to be in a loving and honest marriage, measure your heart, it’s incapable of lying to you.

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