Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is President Obama a Conscious Creator?

President Obama's inauguration speech on January 20, 2009 was filled with references that strongly resonate with the practice of conscious creation. Taking that into consideration with Michelle Obama's request of Caroline Kennedy, Maria Shriver, and Oprah to "envision Barack Obama taking the oath of office" (as reported by Oprah in a 2008 radio interview), it seems clear the United States' President and First Lady are clued into the power of our thoughts as energy that create our experiences in life.

Consider a few excerpts from President Obama's inauguration speech:

* He mentioned keeping "eyes fixed on the horizon." (Reflecting the deliberate creation principle of focusing on where you're going and what you want, rather than getting caught up in current problems.)
* Regarding upcoming challenges, President Obama said those challenges WILL be met, maybe not in a short span of time, but he assured they WILL be met. (Reflecting confidence, commitment to purpose along with allowing on the time frame.)
* He rejects as false that we have to choose between safety and our ideals. (Of course we can have both, which reflects unlimited and empowered thinking!)
* President Obama said critics sometimes forget what happens when "imagination joins a common purpose." Those who are savvy about the law of attraction know that a synergy is created when people collectively join thoughts and ideas (quantum leaps)!

Not just millions of Americans, but many people across the globe viewed this transition of power in the United States with newly revived hope and optimism for the future. Since we get what we vibrate, that collectively raised vibration makes entirely new outcomes possible, not just for the U.S., but for everyone on the planet.

As reported by a wide variety of citizens in various life stages and circumstances, it seems many people have new access to the feelings and energies of Excitement, Unity, Progress, Hope, and Change.

With that, however, it's important to remember that our power to change our lives lies within. No one else is responsibe for our happiness and success. In fact, no one else can achieve that for us. We are each individually responsible for what we vibrate, and thus create.

Our personal vibrational power can't be abdicated or given away. Whether you're excited about the direction the newly elected leader of the U.S. takes (or not), what matters is where you take the world with your expectations.

Harness that power wisely by being conscious of your expectations and visions of tomorrow, being sure to point in the direction of what you want to see unfold next!

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