Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Your Mate is A Cheater - Part Two

In the previous article we explored the first reason why your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend is a cheater. We talked about the mindset of a man with no integrity and why cheating is his knee jerk response for various reasons.

In this article, we will focus on another reason why your partner would find it necessary to step outside of your relationship. Besides having little to no integrity, the person having multiple affairs is simply a very selfish person.

He or she is only concerned about their needs and getting those needs met rather than being responsible or keeping to a commitment. The feelings and thoughts of another and this includes their lover is not as important as their own feelings of getting their physical or emotional fix.

The selfish characteristics of a cheater can also been seen in how they rationalize their behavior. They don’t care to take the time to see how infidelity or sexuality promiscuity affects those around them and uproots the lives of everyone involved, from children to spouse to lover and friends.

Unfortunately a lot of women get stuck at this crossroad and can only find the strength to either blame themselves or the other woman. Too often they forgive the man at the expense of the woman he has used and thrown away just so he can return home and when it’s convenient do it all over again.

If you are dating, or married to, a man who is a cheater and possibly a serial cheater, your job is not to fix him. Your responsibility is first to yourself. When a man or woman decides to sleep around on their partner, the consequences these days can be deadly. The disease they bring home they share with you.

If anybody has a right to be selfish in their marriage, it’s the person who remains completely invested in maintaining a high level of mutual honesty, trust, and independence and not the one who is roaming around in the dark looking for the self they’ve lost through somebody, anybody else.

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