Monday, March 9, 2009

Are Women and Men Really That Different

Before it gets too deep let’s agree to disagree about a few things. I believe that most men are more emotional than they lead on. You disagree? I believe that, in general, men are afraid of what women think about them. That is, they want to empress the women they find attractive. Are you still with me?

Further more; my opinion is that men are angry because the “masculine” image being portrayed as male by society is not the person they feel themselves to be inside. Please don’t laugh, just stay with me for a few more text. The men that I know, who know themselves, are flabbergasted by society’s depiction of them and the roles assigned to them.

They don’t think that women are sexual objects. They don’t date just to score nor do they believe that women are beneath them or second class. They don’t go to a particular restaurant because the women are half-naked nor do they school their daughters in the proper care of men.

If there are some fundamental differences it’s in the biological makeup, the testosterone levels (although these can be high in some women) and variations of the social, physical, emotional, and psychological history of DNA, genes, and environment. Other than that and a few other possible scenarios, women and men are physical beings first. Secondly, but really first, they are spirit.

People will argue with you until they are blue in the face about how it is men are visual and women are not. If you knew the women I knew you too would want to debate that point. They will say that men need sex and women could care less. I’m a woman and I love having sex. What I don’t care for is sex a la carte; no commitment, no relationship, no love, no respect.

People, and me included, forget that we are just people. Somehow we start to believe that either religion or science has all the right answers and can solve everyone’s problem. And because we have a finite understanding of everything under the sun we are happy in our little lives to conclude that - for example – men and women are different.

They must be or else I would understand her/him. Right? Here’s the secret from one finite mind to another one. It doesn’t matter your race, your class, your background, your national origin, your gender, or your sexual preference (if I didn’t include you, you’re included). If you are a living, human being chances are we have more in common than any difference separating us.

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