Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Romantic Love Just a Fairytale

Romantic love is a dream come true for some but to many others it’s a never ending search for a reality that never manifests. Selling love is a trillion dollar organization. If you want some good loving you can have it after you watch this or that movie. If you buy this or that car women will be chasing after you.

The government sells romance too. They go so far as to give you tax deductions (which equals more money) if you can secure that love within the confinements of marriage. Restaurants sell their menus, with a sexual theme, around half - naked women.

All of the means are pointing to one end – romantic love. Find God and He will give you fifty-two or so virgins. My question is what are you suppose to do with those virgins? But I digress. Become the leader of your own compound or church and see how easy it is to get all kinds of women.

I have a friend who is always talking about the Law of Diminishing Return. Something about how one thing eventually leads to another thing that is just a tad grosser than the first thing. For example, hers I might add: When you watch pornography, you open yourself up to watching more extreme forms of pornography over time. You end up needing more extreme depictions of those images to give you same high that you got before.

So basically the guy who starts watching naked pictures of women ends up watching naked pictures of underage girls and eventually finds himself somewhere in Cambodia spending fifty bucks to have sex with a ten year old child. And the cycle of trafficking women and children continues to roll along. Depressing. Real. Love? I think not.

So how did we go from talking about finding real, romantic love to becoming a child predator? Are these things connected? Does paying a prostitute for sex or asking your girlfriend to have a threesome with you and another girl fall under the category of romantic love?

Does selling a product or lifestyle through an illusive reality of sex, money, and lust define romantic love as you know it or does it redefine love altogether? When women (or men) are defined first by their gender and then by some other external “worth” are we moving closer or further away from understanding the whole concept of love in its many different dimensions?

So, back to the original question … Is romantic love real or just a fairytale? Well, that depends on you, doesn’t it? Are you one of the millions of adults who have fallen prey to the hype of what love is and means by what it should look like and how it needs to perform? Or are you still hopeful that the real thing will manifest in an era of the loveless love hype?

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