Thursday, March 19, 2009

Would You Sacrifice Your Happiness For Security?

For some people this is a no-brainer. They want security first and everything else second even when it comes to their happiness. Yet for others, happiness is necessary for good health, peace, and freedom. If your search for happiness takes a backseat to security, ask yourself why that is?

Does marrying a man that you don't love make life easier just because he has a lot of money? Will dating a man who's dependable mean more than the man you feel a connection to? Will you forgo the woman or man of your dreams just because your family disapproves?

People all throughout the world are forced, coerced, and manipulated into relationships that do not serve their higher purpose. So when it comes to your personal life why should you settle for anything less. If you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for a life of security is it really worth the price you pay?

Are you committed to a man for a lifetime whose main quality is being able to provide for you? Or does selling your body for money give you everlasting happiness? It's important to really think this through because security can and will come at a price but true love is free.

You get to decide how it is you will live your life, the person you choose to date, and ultimately who you will marry. If you choose a life of security over happiness (love) then obviously that is the lifestyle you desire and one you have chosen to live with. However, if you choose to commit yourself to happiness rather than security, you just might discover them both.

My opinion is to put love first and then pile on all the other good stuff like emotional and financial security. But it's also good to remember that if you don't secure the love, there is no guarantee that the security will last.

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