Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Does Love Have to Do With It

For a lot of individuals it’s no longer about love. It’s more about looks, money, and security. It’s not whether or not your love can stand the test of time but rather who is more equipped at bringing home the bacon to, who’s cooking the bacon.

In today’s society, relationships are undergoing a major reconstruction. Couples are redefining the rules of intimacy, passion, and sex. Women are no longer content to find a man who will “foot” the bill as they are in finding a man who knows a thing or two about what it means to love self and others.

People are tired of having passionless relationships that rob them of their spirit and leave them craving for intimacy elsewhere. They recognize that where they are is not where they wish to stay. But they have no tools or knowledge as to how to cross that bridge from despair to freedom.

So they stay … you stay … in a marriage, to your husband or wife with the main ingredient missing. You commit to a relationship of convenience or safety because you haven’t found what you hope exists out there somewhere. You shut down your dreams and desires to live a life of complacency. You settle for less than the one thing that mends it all together.

What does love have to do with it? It has just about everything to do with it. If it’s missing then your relationship doesn’t stand a chance, that is, unless you have other motives. Life is difficult enough without the added stress of living day to day with a miserable objective.

Love brings the fire to passion, the personal to romance, and the desire to commitment. It is the wind beneath the wings of where any relationship lands. It is the, who, when, and how … to the what, where, and why. With it, you get to where you’re going with a patient kindness but without it, the journey is chaotic and visionless.

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